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Hello, I'm Justin Kruit. I'm a boy from the Netherlands, and make websites and apps in my spare time.
I've started making websites when I was about 9 years old. Just pain website builders, but that got me interested in doing more. I started to look into HTML, then I got to know JavaScript. I registered on a free webhosting,
and started to experiment with some templates, in which I played around with CSS. Then, the "big" code got my interest; PHP. Just like any other code, I just started to use it, and see what I could do.
That is the way any of my knowledge of any language has come: I just started to play around with it. I haven't studied for any of it, just years and years of experience.

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  • Name : Justin Kruit
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  • Country : The Netherlands


Java (for Android apps)
web 18 Websites made (at least)
supervisor_account 1000 Happy users, and counting
phone_android 14 Apps made